How to Plan an Affordable African Safari

How to Plan an Affordable African Safari

Getting the opportunity to go on an African safari is often the culmination of a long-held dream for most people. It is something that everyone should experience at least once. An African safari offers an opportunity to lay off the pressures of everyday life and embraces the primal call of the wind. It is an opportunity to see the amazing African flora and fauna in its natural habitat. You also get to be uplifted by the spectacular scenery of the African savannah. Traditionally, African safaris are seen as the preserve for the rich. However, there is no reason why African safaris should be expensive than any other international travel. Below are a few tips that can help you plan for your affordable African safari.

Choose Your Destination Carefully

The first step in planning for an affordable African safari is selecting your destination. There is a wide range of destinations that you can choose from. Be sure to select a destination that best suits your budget. The most affordable African safari packages are those that are accessible, charge fees in local currencies and have a wide range of choice in terms of operators and game reserves. When sourcing for an affordable African destination, consider the cost of accommodation, food, and transport. Other factors that you should consider include the exchange rate, the best reserves, the cost of park fees and game drives.

Shrike safari provides classic itineraries for visits in Tanzania with a range of affordable safaris.

Go in the Offseason

Travelling on the off seasons can help your course of an affordable African safari. During off-peak months, your expenditure is bound to reduce significantly. Lodges lower their rates by as much as half. The most suitable off-peak travel times are early December before the holiday period and April to May. The April to May off seasons coincides with the rains in East Africa. This period is known as the baby season since most herbivores give birth at around this time. The rainy season is also the year’s best birding. Low seasons also have fewer visitors, as such you get to enjoy your holiday peacefully.

Use a Local Operator

Irrespective of your preferred destination for affordable African safaris, local companies, and accommodations offer better rates than their international counterparts. Choosing local operators could end up saving you a ton of cash. What’s more, you tend to enjoy almost the same level of comfort as that offered by international companies. Local companies also have fewer overheads than international companies. In some cases, they can also help you connect with other travellers hence reducing the cost of everyone on safari.

Opt For a Self-Drive Safari

If you like a little more freedom, you should consider a self-drive safari. In this case, you rent a safari vehicle and drive yourself around your preferred game reserves. A self-driven safari enables you to tailor your itinerary in a way that suits your interests. Besides, your safari becomes quite flexible since you can change your itinerary at will. You also get to make most of the choices on your own. You determine where to stop and take photos, where to stay at night and even which route to take within the reserve. Most self-driven vehicles come with a rooftop tent which also lowers the cost of accommodation.

Join a Group Safari

There are various forms of group safaris. The most common ones are the minibus tours which are appropriate for mature travellers. The other type is the social backpacker excursions. Group safaris are the best option when you are going for a budget African safari. They are cheap than private safaris hence they allow you to split between the cost of transport and accommodation. You also get access to group rates for park fees and guides. Besides, group safaris offer the opportunity of meeting new people and make friends.

Compromise on Accommodation

When travelling on a budget, compromising on your budget is one of the most effective ways of cost reduction. Most game reserves offer various accommodation services that can help one reduce the cost of accommodation. You can opt to go for full-service camps complete with water holes, restaurants electricity. Some game reserves even provide wilderness sites with just a cleared site where you can pitch your tent. Although these options are not luxurious, they are incredibly affordable. Besides, they provide the romance of spending a night in under canvas in the wild.

In case you prefer to be in the comfort of a house, avoid renting for the luxurious lodges inside the park. You can opt to rent a cheaper lodge outside the park and plan for day trips.

Focus On a Single Reserve

Many people would prefer to visit several animal parks during their African safari. Visiting several parks is often expensive. Choosing to visit just one park enables you to save on domestic flights, vehicle rentals or transfers. The decision of the park depends on the animals you want to see. Shrike Safaris can help plan your affordable African safari by scheduling the best park visit.

African safaris are not a reserve of the affluent. You do not need to be wealthy to experience the magic of going on a safari. You just need to plan and follow some of these tips to make your dream of an affordable African safari come true. With many available parks, the question is, where do you want to go?

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