Do It Yourself Guide: Planning Your African Safari

Do It Yourself Guide: Planning Your African Safari

Africa is home to some of the last large game on the planet. Most animals including the big five roam freely in national parks and conservation areas. Most people who travel to Africa are interested in seeing these large mammals in their natural habitat. The increased popularity of African safari has changed the traditional safari set up. African safaris are no longer limited to camping in a canvas tent and riding through the African veldt jeep. Currently, there are many options to choose from which have made it easier for travelers to plan their safaris. Planning your safari, in particular, has become exceedingly popular in the recent past.

Planning your safari might take longer than booking with a domestic tour group since you will have to research and plan. However, for many travelers, there are many advantages which outweigh the inconveniences. Planning your own safari gives you a certain degree of flexibility. You can combine your safari with other activities in Africa and you do not have to set an itinerary. You can opt to wait to plan your safari when you arrive.

Where Do You Want To Go?

The most important of planning your African safari is determining where you want to go. Choose a country which is relatively stable and safe for visitors. You should also find out the stand of the country in regard to environmental conservation. As a responsible tourist, you should go to countries which are keen on environmental conservation.

Different countries use different terms to describe preserves, parks and conservation areas. Take time to inquire about the terms used to describe various attractions in the country you intend to visit. There are two primary ecosystems you can visit when on safari: the jungle and the savannah. You can choose which one to visit depending on your budget and time.

You also need to decide whether remote and underdeveloped or easily accessible is important to you. In some countries, game parks and reserves are far away from the city. This may be important to your plans. Other countries specialize in certain types of safaris. For instance, if you want to see the great wildebeest migration you have to visit Kenya or Tanzania.

What Do You Want To See?

Previously, African safaris were mostly about seeing large animals. Such game safaris are still popular today. However, if you have special interests, there are safari options which can accommodate your preferences.

For instance, if you are a bird enthusiast, you can go on a bird’s expedition. You can choose your destination depending on the animal you want to see. If you want to see the fanged, hooked, primitive chevrotain, you should visit the Sapo Park in Liberia.

If you are interested in the culture of the local community, chose a destination where the locals are allowed to operate the part. Serengeti and Maasai Mara are the perfect destinations if you are interested in the culture of the East African Maasai.

How Long Do You Want To Be On Safari?

Time is an important factor for consideration when going on an African safari. Safaris run from half a day to weeks spent in the jungle. Depending on your preferred destination, you may be restricted to your campsite when not on a safari. Plan your time well based on how long you want to be out on the bush and other areas you would like to explore.

What Do You Want To Do?


Most safari operators take visitors to the bush on jeeps. This is a fast mode of transport which allows one to cover a lot of ground per trip. It also offers the opportunity to watch animals safely from a distance. If you do not prefer driving, you can use one of the many available alternatives. Some of the popular ones include balloon safaris, canoe safaris, and walking safaris.

Who Will Be Your Guide?

You need to enquire on guides from your operator. Find out how many people will be on the tour and the guide to guest ratio. An African safari always better when you are accompanied by a well trained and experienced tour guide. Guides help to educate you and bring to your attention some details that you might miss.

What Do You Need To Be Comfortable?

Typical to any vacation, you need to have a clear plan for your accommodation, meals, etc. there is a wide range of accommodations you can choose from. They can range from posh lodges to tented sites where you can set up your tent. Be realistic about what would make your trip more enjoyable. Besides, you need to consider your health. If you might have a problem with the harsh jungle weather, opt for more luxurious accommodation.

An African safari should be an amazing experience. When you chose to plan your own African safari, you need to get these basics right. When you land, you will need a reliable operator to guide you. At shrike safaris, we offer the best safari experience. Visit our website for more details.




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