Safari Accessories Advise: Essential Items You Need to Carry on Your Safari

Safari Accessories Advise: Essential Items You Need to Carry on Your Safari

Ask any traveler what the biggest challenge in preparing for a trip is. Selecting accessories and deciding on the location will likely be on top of the list. Especially for people who are going on a safari for the first time, picking the right safari accessories is always a big challenge.

The usual hurdles in deciding what to pack are limited space, cost and the inconvenience of extra luggage. The type of safari accessories to carry when differs depending on the destination and personal preferences. Another critical factor in determining the kind of accessories to carry is your comfort. Besides, make sure you are ready for any emergencies that might occur during your safari.

Here are a few safari accessories and tools that shrike safaris recommend that you should carry when going on your safari:

1. Binoculars


Binoculars are the number one essential safari accessory. A pair of high-quality binoculars is important in making your safari successful and also for your safety. Good binoculars bring distant wildlife closer to you hence improving the whole experience of your safari. They also help you to remain a safe distance away from large and potentially dangerous animals. While one pair of binoculars can work for a couple, it is better to have a pair of binoculars for each person to ensure that nobody misses out on anything you might need to watch concurrently. This advice applies to any safari activity

2. Backpack

Carrying a backpack may seem like an obvious choice. However, very many people opt to carry suitcases or trolley bags when going on a safari. A backpack is essential for your safari even if you will be staying in a hotel and you will have a place to store your belongings. An ideal backpack for safari should be waterproof, have several compartments and well-lined straps. It should also be comfortable to carry around, convenient and durable. More importantly, it should be designed to give a great outdoor experience.

3. Mini First Aid Kit


It is easy to forget this essential item and focus on camping and clothing gear when listing your safari accessories. However, always remember that simple accidents can occur when you are on a safari. It is also easy to get a stomach upset or a headache while traveling to foreign countries. As such, your safari accessories list is not complete without a mini first aid kit. In case of small accidents, a well-stocked first aid kit can serve you well until you get proper medical care.


4. Sunscreen After Lotion

Most safari destinations have very high temperatures. Safaris also involve outdoor activities meaning that your skin will be exposed to the sun for long. There is not getting used to it. The only way to protect your skin from cracking and reducing the chances of other skin complications is to apply some protection. It is, therefore, important to apply some sunblock and sun cream. This will help to keep your skin hydrated and shield you from harmful UV rays.

5. Insect Repellents

When traveling to areas that are infested with insects such, you will need a repellent to avoid being bitten. These insects spread diseases, and it is, therefore, important to protect yourself from their bites. The mosquito nets provided by the hotels may not be sufficient to protect you. An insect repellent is the best way to ensure that you are fully protected throughout the evening and the night.

6. Multi-tool

Just like the name suggests, a multi-tool can be used for many functions. All these functions are combined into one compact and highly durable item. Although some of the functions differ with brands, some basic functions are common in all brands. The most common multi-tool is the Swiss Army Knife. It includes scissors, blades, a wooden saw, screwdrivers, nail files, tweezers, and can openers among others. a multi-tool is essential for any outdoor activity.

7. Pack a Good Torch

Although most safari lodges will have guards to walk you back to your room at night, it is important to have your own lighting. A good torch should, therefore, be part of your safari accessories. Having a good torch helps to increase your safety while at the camp. A good torch will help you to avoid stepping on insect and other crawling animals at night. It will also enable you to spot wildlife which may be intruding in your camp at night. Besides, it will also enhance the experience of viewing nocturnal animals from the safety and comfort of your lodge.

8. Carry Comfortable Shoes and Good Socks Which Prevents Blisters


Walking in the wilderness is an exciting part of the adventure when on a safari. Shrike safaris recommend taking a walk for all who visit Africa. Whether you are going for a short nature walk or you will have a multi-day walking safari ensure you include a pair of socks in your safari accessories list. The nature of the African terrain makes it tough to walk. In case you anticipate you will walk, be sure to include these essential accessories.

9. Water Purifier

Bottled water is widely available in most cities. This does not apply while you are on a safari in the wilderness. The various hiking trails will likely leave you with tap, springs, river or lakes as your only source of water. To ensure that your water I safe for drinking, ensure that you include a water purifier in your safari accessories package. A water purifier will ensure that you have clean drinking water in whichever location you might find yourself in.

10.    USB Electronic Charger

During your safari, you will carry some electronic gadgets, and you will be out for long hours. Therefore, it is likely that one of your gadgets will shut down when you need it most. To ensure that you do not limit your use, you will need a portable charger or a power bank. There are very many options available in the market. Ensure that you chose the one that will satisfy your needs.


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