Safari Guides: The Key to a Great Safari Experience

Safari Guides: The Key to a Great Safari Experience

When most people are planning to go on an African Safari, they are never bothered about safari guides yet a safari guide very critical to a transformative and fulfilling safari.

You may not realize the importance of a safari guide until you have been on a safari with one. Self-drive safaris are very popular among most people who frequently go on safari. However, to get the full safari experience, it is essential to have a safari guide.  Otherwise, you will find yourself driving around and getting lost and of course, you will learn very little about the animals that you will encounter o your safari. Having a safari guide will mean you are properly taken care of, you will constantly learn and in some cases, you will make a lifelong friend.

Safari guides are people the people who are the critical link between the guest and the game experience since they can either make or break your African safari. The objective of any safari enthusiast is to have an overall good experience which includes food, service, accommodation and game drives. Although all these elements are critical to a successful safari, the game drives are the most important since safari guides can make all the difference in you enjoying your safari. There is no point in enjoying everything else and missing on what actually brought you here.

Safari Field guides are different from game rangers. Game rangers usually work for game reserves and they are responsible for the maintenance of resource management in the park. On the other hand, safari guides work at a lodge and their responsibility is to interact with visitors as they take them around the park. The main objective of safari guides is to enhance the safari experience by educating the visitors on all aspects of nature. Most importantly, safari guides are expected to meet the expectations of the visitors and full fill their dreams by showing them what they have come to see.


Types of Safari Guides

There are three types of safari guides. On the one hand, is those who love nature. This type of safari guides loves being outdoors but they can be very quiet. In most cases, you might have to push them to give you the information that you need. They can be very knowledgeable though. On the other hand, there are guides which love people. These guides love interacting with people and sometimes you might end up discussing other things other than birds and animals. Finally, there are guides who love themselves. These guides are in it just for the money and they are not bothered about nature or the people.

The ideal safari guides have a combination of the traits of the first two guides. Such guides not only love nature but they also communicate well with the visitors. Having skills such as photography or knowing where the best sightings for photography are is usually a bonus. Most people think that the best quality of a safari guide is a photographer guide. However, such a guide may end up keeping at a disadvantage for some reasons. For instance, he will always occupy the best position so that he can take the best shot. On the contrary, the most important quality of a safari guide is humility. A humble guide will always listen to your concerns and help you accordingly. Besides, they understand that they do not know everything and they are willing to learning something new.


How to Make the Most out of your Tour Guide

The best way to learn from your tour guide is by asking questions. The more questions you ask the more you learn. Typically, it is tempting to want to rush to the big animals especially the big five. However, it is essential to be keen on the smaller things that your safari guide is pointing out. Some of the most interesting stories are in the game are found in the tiniest of things such as the termites who build impressive mounds or even the wide range of trees which are used for medicinal purposes. Beyond the wildlife, try to learn about the culture, traditions and practices of the African people. Most probably, your safari guide grew up in a nearby village and gaining their perspective can significantly enrich your experience.

An African safari cannot be complete without getting the experience through the help of a safari guide. Shrike Safaris has a group of experienced safari guides who will make your safari experience one to remember.






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