Tips For Traveling When You Do Not Speak The Local Language

Tips For Traveling When You Do Not Speak The Local Language

Becoming familiar with the local language can be of help to you. It can be very helpful especially when you are traveling to different places. It becomes a little bit difficult when you do not know a single word. While traveling to a new place, you may experience a language barrier. However, there are various tips that you can apply to make your stay comfortable in these new destinations.

To begin with, it is very crucial that you become friendly with the people in that area. Smiling is the best approach so that you can get along with others easily. When you feel anxious and uncomfortable, the best thing to do is to relax and be positive. Greeting people with a smile is also important because it will make you likable. Pay attention to body language, customs, and their gestures. You should also be aware of the fact that body language and their meanings may differ from place to place.

Ensure that you carry along a cheat sheet as you are traveling. You may need to use it so that you can find out the common words, phrases, and pronunciation. This will come in handy whenever you are in a tight spot. It is also advisable that you do different cheat sheets for various situations. You could do one on how to ask for directions to a place. You can also do others on how to greet people and asking them their names. Find out the most likely scenarios that you will be required to converse in the local language and familiarise yourself with a few words in that context.

Ask for help politely from the locals and they will happily assist you. As you go about asking for assistance, ensure that you ask local people who may not mislead you like the police. When you are on the streets and you are looking for someone to guide you, select a person who is well dressed. They are more likely to speak in a language that you can relate to. You can choose to walk into a hotel, a restaurant or a store and seek for help from the employees.nThese are some of the tips that will help you stay safe when you are on your safari.

You can also go ahead to seek for more information on the place that you visit through the internet. You can make use of the translator app. It will translate symbols, road signs and even menus making it easy for you to understand. The translator app also makes it easier for you to have a conversation with somebody else when you do not understand the local language. All that you will need to do is select a pair of languages. You will then talk into the microphone and the app will translate the language into a language that you can understand.

It becomes tempting to stick to what is familiar to you when you are in an entirely new place. You are also likely to find popular brands and chains in various countries. Without any doubt, these areas are a nice reassurance where you may want to spend your time. it is advisable that you embrace the local experience. Visit the local restaurants and market when shopping for items. Other than sampling the unique local dishes, you will also discover other new things. Learning local languages will also be part of the exciting experience.

Make use of your smartphone camera to record your route. It is important t do this especially when you are unable to read the street signs and numbers. Take pictures of the intersections, buildings, signs and any other object that may serve as a landmark. They will help you retrace your steps. Consider carrying your hotel’s business card in the local language. By doing so, you will easily find your way back to the hotel. You can show the address to someone on the streets or a taxi driver who will take you to your hotel.

You can ask your service providers at the hotel’s front desk to give you a paper map. The front desk staffer will help you circle and highlight the areas you want to go to. You can then stop someone on the streets with a nice smile and point at the point on your map. Saying hello in their local language and asking for direction will help you a lot in finding your way.

To also make it easier, your hotel concierge can write down names together with addresses. Ask them to write these details in the local language. In this way, it will be easier when you are asking for directions from people on the streets or even a taxi driver.

You can look for people who would love to practice their English on you. One of the places to find these people is at the university campus and at the book shops. Interacting with these people will help you learn their local language as you also teach them your own. You can send your message across by pointing, miming and even by playing charades. Show respect to all the people you meet regardless of their ages.

You can as well seek help from a friend and family members who have traveled in the past. Ask them about their experience and how they went about the whole trip. From their experience, you can learn a thing or two and make your trip the best. Tour guides can also be of assistance to you. Touring companies will provide you with tour guides who can speak different local languages.

By following the above guidelines, you are going to have an easy time as you travel to different countries. It will be a nice experience even if you do not understand the local language. Shrike Safari is your partner in authentic african safaris and ill help you in every step of the way.



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