Why Choose Shrike


We know Tanzanian safaris better than anyone else, and we offer a way to experience Africa ethically, comfortably, and intimately. But we’ll admit: we might be biased. That’s why you should see what our guests have to say about their experiences traveling with Shrike Safaris. Over the years, hundreds (if not thousands) of Shrike travelers have told us we provided the “ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME experience,” one they can’t wait to talk about. We don’t have to edit or cherry-pick their responses; our guests are just that happy.


More Authentic African Experience.

Shrike Safaris is a locally based Tanzanian company that exclusively harnesses local talent and knowledge to make our trips the best in the business. We are a homegrown local business that likes to keep things at the grassroots level—local guides, local culture, local knowledge, and local expertise. When you work with us, you are getting an AUTHENTIC African experience from Tanzanians themselves.


Shrike - A Trusted Name in ​Tanzania.

We have been in business for over a decade and have built an excellent portfolio filled with happy and satisfied customers. Please read our Testimonials to hear firsthand from our patrons just how much they enjoyed their experience working with us.


Personalized Service

Because we are a smaller, locally based business we are free to customize your trip and are not restricted by set safari routes that other larger, foreign-based companies often have to abide by. We have personal relationships with staff at all of the places you will travel; from lodges to shops, to excursions, we are on a first-name basis with all of our partners, which allows us to give you the most flexible, customizable, and unique experience you desire.


Value for Money

When you book with Shrike Safaris you are supporting a local business, which means that we treat each client as we would like to be treated. We offer you excellent service, a customizable itinerary, and services that fit a wide range of budgets. We don’t dupe you with hidden surcharges or fees. When you work with us, you work with real people and we work hard to give you the best value for your money.


Giving Back...

Shrike Safaris is committed not only to the provision of AUTHENTIC African safaris and Kilimanjaro treks but also believes passionately in the need to support local people. We think the combination of helping vulnerable children and a trip to Tanzania is an unbeatable combination to our kind-hearted guests


Off the Beaten path experience

Shrike Safaris not only knows all of the unique and beautiful places that tourists generally come to see, but we also make it our mission to continually discover new, uncrowded places that have plenty of fresh air where you can actually hear your own heartbeat.  


Unlimited Mileage for Game Viewing

With Shrike Safaris, you may do as much game viewing as possible as the time allows. Because our priority is providing you with an excellent experience, we don’t restrict the number of km/miles our safari guides may drive a day.  


Well-Trained Tour Guides

Shrike Safaris believes that a safari guide is a golden key to a great safari. We only work with the best and actively work to pursue ever-improving quality through programs that enable each safari guide, ranger, and trekker to do their job right the first time and every time. 


Handpicked Accommodations

We spend our years of experience getting to know better service, best location as well as amenities of hotels and lodges in order to fulfill your wishes and expectations while on African holiday. Shrike Safaris handpicks accommodations for you. We pre-vet them all in order to guarantee you a once-in-a-lifetime experience.