Our Safari Concept

Our safaris take you back in 1909 when Teddy Roosevelt jour-neyed to East Africa with an entourage of society friends and there undertook a journey that would forever alter the world’s perception of luxury travel at its ultimate. Replete with collapsible canvas bathtubs, custom-made bed linens, exotic safari outfits and equipment, vintage wines and elegant table fittings, the party set out with 500 porters to transport and service the needs of this exclusive group in their quest to conquer the bush in elegance and luxury. It was then that the concept of the Tented Safari was born, an elaborate combination of exotic African adventure and European civility and comfort. A century later, the Africa of Teddy Roosevelt awaits the traveller who wishes to experience the splendour of the African wilderness in all its raw and stunning beauty while luxuriating in the finest of services and the tented camp accommodations.


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